Ribquest are a company based in Devon who design and build exceptional Ribs made for all occasions. When working with Ribquest we have been involved in many projects such as photography, videography, social media marketing, graphic design, journalism and website design. This collaboration has been extremely successful and we can't wait to see what the future holds. 

Divine Developments are based in the South West and are a development company that pride themselves on attention to detail, their work is fantastic and Studio Barracuda have recently worked with Devine Developments by taking photos of their newly completed project in Newton Ferrers. 

Gala is an international rib manufacturer, they build fast, strong and stylish ribs made for all occasions. Studio Barracuda have been working with Gala's UK retailer. We are working alongside Gala to ensure their stunning ribs gets the attention they deserve. Our work with Gala includes social media marketing, photography and website design. 

Studio Barracuda are proud to have worked for NSSW and Plymouth University. We worked on a series of photoshoots which captured just some of their amazing events they hold to encourage further education.

The Army Reservists are an integrated and deployable element of the British Army, they work hard to serve our country and Studio Barracuda have had the honour to work with the Territorial Army in creating a training video for them.

Column Bakehouse are a local asset to Plymouth, they bake fantastic bread and help the local community in many ways, Studio Barracuda worked with the bakehouse to celebrate their 5th birthday, we created an instructional video on bread making and made a short promotional video for them as well.  

The NHS are a vital part of the United Kingdom, Studio Barracuda respects and appreciates all of the hard work behind this organisation. We filmed a corporate video for the NHS and are extremely proud to have worked with them. 

The Asia Power Boat association were the first organisation in history to bring powerboat racing to Asia. They are a fantastic organisation who Studio Barracuda are honoured to work with internationally. Our work for the APA included videography and photography.

Attica is a well known and well respected, tattoo and laser treatment parlour based in Plymouth. With it's true talent and all female team we feel excited and lucky to be working with such a creative and talented team, we have been working on some new promotional content for Attica, so they can show off everything they have to offer. 

Stick n Stitch design are a local business based within the South West. Stick 'n' Stitch Design produce high quality embroidery and graphics. We re-designed their website to make sure that their products gets the recognition they deserve. 

Mel Aldred is a fantastic artist who focusses on watercolour painting. Her style is unique and magical. We have worked with Mel on a variety on projects such as photography, videography and website design. 

GG'S Hair salon and Beauty is one of if not the best salon in Plymouth. GG's ran by Gemma Graham, Gemma has a fantastic outlook on the future of her business and we are working with her to help shape to future for herself and her salon. Gemma is the only person who offers hair loss treatment in the South West and we are enjoying documenting her amazing talents and success. 

DevonCare is a leading healthcare services provider covering Devon and Cornwall. DevonCare is a fairly new company, with already many achievements, DevonCare is ran by a fantastic and passionate team. We have really enjoyed working with them on graphic design based projects.