Hi, I’m Jack and I have been a co-director for Studio Barracuda from the start. It’s exciting to see how much media and technology is evolving, and it’s thrilling to work for a company which strives towards constant creativity. My skills lie within journalism and writing, and my other passions include photography and videography.


Hi, I’m Tegan, I’m a company director for Studio Barracuda and have seen the company grow since our first day. I have always been interested in media since a young age, and over the years have seen it grow. My main focuses within this industry is videography, photography and editing.


Hello, I’m Fleur and have been a company director for Studio Barracuda since day one. I’ve always loved media and the influence it can have on society and I'm extremely  proud to be co-running such a creative team. My main passions include, videography, drone footage, graphic design and photography.